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What are the advantages of TCM treatment for aplastic anemia?


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What are the advantages of TCM treatment for aplastic anemia?

19-01-07 feihua news

Aplastic anemia, referred to as aplastic anemia, is a serious blood disease, many people in many areas of aplastic anemia and leukaemia as a disease, although this is a false statement, but enough to see the harm of aplastic anemia. Chinese medicine is always discussed in the treatment of aplastic anemia. What are the advantages of Chinese medicine in the treatment of aplastic anemia?

1. Many hospitals are now using hormones to treat aplastic anemia. However, as we all know, the harm and side effects of hormone therapy for aplastic anemia cannot be ignored. If you choose a hospital is not a regular hospital, can not use hormone therapy for you the correct treatment of aplastic anemia, resulting in greater harm.

2. The treatment of aplastic anemia in traditional Chinese medicine focuses on the treatment based on syndrome differentiation. It can treat aplastic anemia from all aspects of the human body. Traditional Chinese medicine can improve the anemia symptoms of patients in a timely way, and it is more capable of nourishing marrow and giving birth to blood, helping patients to restore the basic hematopoietic function of bone marrow. It has fewer side effects and is more suitable for patients with weak constitution, especially for children and elderly patients with aplastic anemia.

3. Traditional Chinese medicine can cooperate with western medicine to start the hematopoietic function earlier and better, so that the damaged bone marrow can recover as soon as possible, and prevent the bone marrow from starting hematopoietic function more difficult after complete fatty transformation. Secondly, if western medicine does not work well, it can play the role of traditional Chinese medicine to start the hematopoietic function.

4. The conditioning effect of traditional Chinese medicine can improve the side effects of western medicine on patients' physical damage, and directly increase the protective function of cardiopulmonary, liver and kidney functions. However, the selection of symptomatic and effective Chinese medicine is more critical, and the selection of effective for the patient's own condition is the most critical.

5. From the point of the clinical observation of long time, so far, has not found between Chinese and western medicine with bad reaction after using, if there is a decrease in the blood picture, after some Chinese herbal summary view basic is increased the spleen and stomach, liver and kidney burden after a period of time, not for a long time for a long time to adapt to, rather than the adverse reaction of Chinese and western drugs. It is very important to choose experienced Chinese medicine, which will affect the curative effect.

Having said that, it is not to let the patients with severe aplastic anemia lose western medicine and not recognize western medicine, but to let Chinese medicine intervene at an appropriate time and give full play to the greatest value of Chinese medicine in the treatment of aplastic anemia. Only when Chinese and western medicine are combined can the advantages of each other be combined to bring better therapeutic effects to patients with acute and severe aplastic impairment.