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Modernization of TCM: adhere to the open and inclusive development of TCM thinking


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Modernization of TCM: adhere to the open and inclusive development of TCM thinking

19-01-12 securities times net

The "2019 high-level symposium on health and development of traditional Chinese medicine in China" was held in the complex of xinhua news agency recently. Many experts and representatives of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises pointed out that in the process of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, we must adhere to the thinking of traditional Chinese medicine, adhere to the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory, and adhere to the fundamental measurement standard of curative effect, with an open and inclusive mind, and effectively absorb the latest achievements of modern scientific and technological development for our use.

It is understood that the party and the state attach great importance to the building of a "healthy China" and have raised the goal to a national strategic level. The report of the 19th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC) pointed out that to improve people's livelihood and implement China's healthy strategy, we should attach equal importance to traditional Chinese and western medicine and carry forward and develop the cause of traditional Chinese medicine.

The organic integration of modern science and technology and traditional Chinese medicine, the essence of traditional culture, has begun to blossom and gain recognition from the international community. Han jisheng, a member of the Chinese academy of sciences, said in his keynote speech that modern research methods have proved to the international community the efficacy and mechanism of acupuncture analgesia. Acupuncture, percutaneous electrical stimulation and other methods of nerve regulation, opioid addiction in the treatment of obvious efficacy. Acupuncture translational medicine should focus on the needs of people's livelihood, highlight the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, clinical verification of acupuncture, and strive to be accurate, independent research and development, and serve the society.

Fan daiming, an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, believes that in the history of human medicine, TCM has never received such attention. In the world medical field, traditional Chinese medicine has become the only medical system that can compare with western medicine. She has solved many problems that western medicine cannot solve and has shown irreplaceability. She will be a major contributor to the development of integrated medicine in the future. Traditional Chinese medicine research should maintain the humanistic nature of medicine, adhere to the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, reform the traditional research methods, take the curative effect as the standard, from micro to macro, change incurable into treatable, from supporting role to leading role. Only in this way can traditional Chinese medicine develop correctly and efficiently in succession and make great contributions to a healthy China and even a healthy world with its brand-new outlook.

Sun guangrong, the master of traditional Chinese medicine, stressed in his speech that the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine must keep the fundamental thinking of traditional Chinese medicine, keep the curative effect, strengthen the research on the advantages and serious diseases, and strengthen the education and dissemination of traditional Chinese medicine.

Zhang boli, an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering and President of tianjin university of traditional Chinese medicine, said traditional Chinese medicine is an essential and important force in the process of building a healthy China. The orderly combination of TCM thinking and western medicine technology is the direction of future medicine. Original achievements can be obtained by adding TCM original thinking and modern science and technology. The results of TCM clinical high-level evidence-based evaluation and the quality of TCM are the weak points and technical bottlenecks of the industry, and also the important starting point of TCM inheritance and innovation in the future.

Xu jingren, chairman of yangzijiang pharmaceutical group, delivered a keynote speech titled "setting up a Chinese medicine benchmark to boost China's health". Strengthening the development of TCM is the mission of the nation, the responsibility of science and the proposition of The Times, he said. The innovative research on the modernization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine has become the main direction of yangzijiang pharmaceutical. We will always adhere to the real economy, focus on the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry, to revitalize the national medicine industry as our own responsibility, fully explore the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the "cure disease", achieve the linkage development of the whole industry chain of great health, create the brightness of traditional Chinese medicine culture, help the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to make greater contributions.

At present, yangzijiang pharmaceutical co., ltd. is making efforts to build the "dragon and phoenix hall" of traditional Chinese medicine industrial park. Longfengtang has a set of automatic intelligent traditional Chinese medicine logistics system, which is dedicated to the automatic pretreatment of medicinal materials -- intelligent feeding -- raw and auxiliary materials, finished products unattended transportation -- robot stacking -- automatic temperature control three-dimensional elevated warehouse storage and other technical breakthroughs. Longfengtang has changed the disadvantages of traditional Chinese medicine production, such as high energy consumption and uncontrollable standard, and further reformed the traditional Chinese medicine production process, so as to make the production more intelligent, precise and lean, and reach the new height of global traditional Chinese medicine modernization.

In his speech, pan haiping, deputy general manager of xinhua news agency and deputy director of xinhua news and information center, said that TCM is the essence and representative of Chinese traditional culture, a well-known name card of China and a world-renowned Chinese original brand. The national brand project of xinhua news agency has been paying close attention to the development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) since its inception. Yangzijiang pharmaceutical co., ltd. is the selected leader of the pharmaceutical industry, and its subordinate longfeng hall is an outstanding representative of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises. Next, we will continue to support outstanding enterprises, including TCM health enterprises.

Chairman LeiJuFang Xu Jingren Yangtze river pharmaceutical group chairman, no medicine, deputy general manager, chairman secretary Jia Zetao tongrentang co, China researcher at the institute of traditional Chinese medicine academy of sciences, institute of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine major varieties league secretary-general hong-jun Yang and other experts attended the roundtable discussion link, from the Angle of enterprise and industry development, the "heritage of traditional Chinese medicine and modern" this theme carried on the thorough discussion.