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Chinese medicine culture: life is full of Chinese medicine, health care on their own!


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Chinese medicine culture: life is full of Chinese medicine, health care on their own!

The 2019-01-19 hundred

Don't try the medicine on yourself

Traditional medicine is not as abstruse as western medicine supposes. What it discusses and CARES about are only human problems. Everyone should know their body best, but I found that people would rather believe in those cold death instruments than trust their body's sensitivity.

And there are a lot of people who scare themselves every day. Somebody wants to measure blood pressure 6 times everyday, every are measured tall, why? Nervous! One is nervous, hemal muscle nerve contracts, convulsion, blood pressure rises of course, this is in frighten oneself namely!

High blood pressure began to take blood pressure, and now blood pressure medicine, almost all diuretics. You know, if you take away too much potassium in your body, it can cause swelling and kidney problems.

Domestic part medicine exports to Europe, among them some are medicine reducing weight, a lot of medicine reducing weight have the function of diuresis in, because the moisture in human body held 70%, that is to say, 60 kilograms weight, moisture held 42 kilograms.

In Chinese traditional medicine, resemble plantain seed, wooden tong, ze xie, it is diuretic, so those reduce weight medicine are mostly pass plantain seed, wooden tong, ze xie, be equal to resemble dehydration same, let your weight become light, but can have sequela, often bring about kidney function to produce an obstacle namely.

So I would like to appeal to you, do not easily to the body of the drug. Even those of us who are professionals do not dare to try the drug on ourselves.

Because there is a passage in huangdi neijing, which says, "to cure a disease with a great poison is to eliminate its six effects." It means that when you treat a disease with poison, you must stop treating it about 60% of the time.

Now it is not so, like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, is not good and bad together to eliminate, the final result is the end.

The connection between the five zang organs and the external organs

In fact, the basic theory of TCM is not profound. The liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney of the human body are all connected with the external organs of the body. In order to give readers a better idea of TCM, I'd like to make a brief introduction to the vital organs of the human body.

Liver: the officer of the general, open an orifice in the eye

The liver begins in the eye. Modern medicine is very puzzled, why does Chinese medicine treat an eye to be treated from liver?

This is very interesting, so a lot of eye pathological changes, include an eye to urticant, eye is red, eye is swollen, eye is painful, see wind shed tears, the eye is dry acerbity, the medicine that Chinese medicine USES nourishing the liver blood commonly, medlar, chrysanthemum enters liver namely, ate, the function is restored.

Say, human liver is very pitiful really, from the person is born begin to do work for the person without complaint without regret, but the person hurts it everyday.

For example, sleeping late every night, as we all know, there are twelve meridians in the human body, from 11:00 PM to 1:00 PM, that is, the time of zishi, that is the time of gallbladder meridians, and from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM is the time of liver meridians.

There is a sentence in chapter 10 of the plain question. "The blood lies in the liver." Two thousand years of ancestors have this concept, so when the midnight 1:00 to 3:00 ugly - liver meridian time - do not rest, the blood will continue to keep burning, this is like bank deposits, put forward every day to use, sooner or later will become a short.

Liver is the bank of human body blood, the storehouse of blood, need deposits at any time, the result has a lot of people to overdraw everyday, so I say the liver of human body is very pitiful really, want to accept a lot of rubbish, because all pollution arrived in human body, the liver that the first should deal with it is liver.

I lived in miaoli lake for a while and found that many liver cancer patients were very young. I think it was because they ate too much food sprinkled with pesticides.

For example, our rice, vegetables, fruits, and so on, I often suggest that people had better not eat strawberries, I probably have six or seven years of time do not eat soy sauce, because now some soy sauce is not moldy, is chemical, artificial, is really very terrible.

I want you to be able to build on that idea, not to pollute yourself, and then learn how to deal with your own stuff.

Heart: the heart of a sovereign is in the tongue

The heart opens a body to be in tongue, this heart, have concern with the heart of the heart on the one hand, on the one hand major it is to point to brain, the person of a lot of tongue painful now, basically be because do not sleep, too tired, use up a heart, let blood cannot return to the heart normally, the heart is in charge of should send blood to go out.

I saw a few tongue pain, they began to look for western medicine, do a computer CT, two of the medical records is not to listen to my advice, do a tissue section.

Everyone think about it, the tongue is very sad to have a hole, but also dig a piece of meat to do a biopsy, there is a man surnamed liu, 40 years old, after the results of the slice, will not talk, will not eat, this is for sure, break a hole, encounter cold, hot, must die of pain.

Tainan one mother, after having the baby, the tongue pain, pain for more than six months, to a big hospital for examination, CT to all from the computer, why not come, she went to the city hospital for Chinese medicine department, told her doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, seldom see this kind of medical records from the literature, so with her all the way to Taipei.

I told him that the theory is very simple, the heart in the tongue, so the heart into the drug, drug into the heart of a lot, can pass the brain will probably be into the heart.

Sichuan with ginseng is five plus seven families, all five plus families have a strong heart, ginseng, chuan qi, then find a prescription, and to find a few flavour to brain qiao, a medicine called calamus, araceae, is sure to brain qiao, so don't talk, no sound, after stroke central damaged, memory lost consciousness, brain qiao in medicine.

"Shengmai decoction", or "shengmai powder", contains ginseng, radix ophiopogonis and fructus schisandrae. Radix ophiopogonis belongs to liliaceae family and has a strong cardiac effect. Therefore, "shengmai decoction" means having a strong cardiac effect.

Examinee suits to eat calamus, polygala, assure memory enhancement. The hole old teacher has a square to call "the hole saint pillow middle Dan" among them have ge pu, yuan zhi, guarantee very clever, eat a bottle before each examination, the student of high three can increase probably dozens of cent.

Because it can be understood, and polygalea can be part of cerebral vascular embolism melt off, people will dementia, is the slow blood circulation of cerebral blood vessels, brain cells are not enough oxygen, so to stimulate, let brain cells activated.

Now many people sleep late, the day is Yang, night is Yin, the sun is Yang, the moon is Yin. Qi is Yang, blood is Yin. Male is Yang, female is Yin. The back of the hand is Yang, palm is Yin, so palm inside face is Yin.

Of human body 6 Yin classics are in certainly inside, ham inside goes Yin classics certainly, outer margin goes Yang jing certainly. Late sleep consumes shade namely, corporeal, those who see is shade, blood, moisture, nutrient material is shade, use up ceaselessly consequently, the tongue broke.

Spleen and stomach: granary officials, open orificion in the lips

The mouth is where the spleen and stomach opens. When the female sees a doctor, had better not be too heavy makeup, such ability sees "British female instinctive quality". Usually pale lips, often indicating a poor gastrointestinal system, almost without exception.

No color, is that nutrition can not supply, will be shown in the lips pale. In the thick place between thumb and forefinger, call "yu ji", it is tube intestines and stomach, general normal person should have a little blood color, if present green, and flat, intestines and stomach function has a problem certainly, defecate is not formed, hand and foot is icy cold.

One day, her hands were all stiff. Her mother called to ask me how to do. Because this is a problem with the stomach and intestines.

I also read a case, it is a zhang financial professionals, his lips at any time can be peeled off like a strip plastic wrap, whew once dropped 20 kg, I told him you one hundred percent is spleen and stomach problem, but all the gastroscope, colonoscopy and other medical inspection report is normal, he is very surprised, actually this is because the spleen and stomach begin to understand in the lips.

And traditional Chinese medicine has cent deficiency disease, real disease, cold disease, heat disease, lip is red crack, the eye grows eye excrement all the time, the mouth is dry, often long oral cavity is phlogistic, make water little color is red, solution of a few days only then, dry hard hard.

This is febrile disease, the result he still eats mutton furnace, ginger female duck, chafing dish, one eats sound to be done not have completely, cure 8 weeks ability is good, so constitution is febrile disease, should avoid hot and dry food.

On the other hand, miss li, who once ate more than 2.5 pounds of longan, has swollen lymph glands. My diagnosis is that she is often suffering from eye poo, constipation, dry mouth and hot constitution. How can she eat more than 2.5 pounds of longan at a time?

In a word, we should know more about their physical attributes, if the lips are pale, saliva a lot, winter hands and feet are cold, urine polychromatic white, defecate has never formed, is the standard cold, to avoid cold food, eat more warm food.

Lung: fu zhi guan, in the nose

The nose is where the lungs begin. There is a saying in "on the formation of the five zang organs" : "the heart and lungs are sick, the nose is adverse. Taiwan has a large population with nasal diseases, especially Taipei, which is wet, cold and polluted.

Many people to the central, southern, eastern better, nasal disease is good, unlike Taipei always rain, always wet, nasal mucosa always congestion.

In addition to the current diet culture, "neijing" said: "cold drink cold lung injury. Body cold is cold, so pay more attention to the weather report, would rather take an extra clothes.

But now the child is very troublesome, rain also does not take an umbrella, has been caught in the rain. Drench rain is form cold, form cold drink cold, drink cold of course is self-inflicted. Cold drinks have produced 460,000 asthmatic children in Taipei.

The trachea of human body has certain aperture, encounter cold, shrink immediately, the road becomes narrow, gas discrepancy, exchange is affected by course, so asthmatic patient wants to eat iciness to attack only, attack to autumn winter one. "The nose is bad for the heart and lungs." Treat the trouble of nose so, affirmation from strong heart fill lung gas to begin.

Just mentioned pericardium classics, you massage it, and there is a hegu acupoint on large intestine classics of the Yang Ming in the hand, rub to it in the same direction, can stimulate it to produce heat energy so, can adapt to the cold air outside more.

A lot of people who are allergic nose, if can do this myself, every day morning sneezing times is reduced, even after two months of not sneeze, do myself, just a lot of people is to eat the antihistamine, eat person lazy, love sleeping, more serious still eat steroids, it do more harm than good.

Since the lung opening in the nasal cavity, and how to fill the lung gas? Just give me a screen! The person is afraid of wind, give screen, have a prescription to call so "jade screen is loose", have 3 kinds of medicine only, very simple. The first is astragalus, it has the effect of reinforcing lung qi, also can produce effect to intestines and stomach system, it is leguminous plant, with licorice same family.

The second flavour is atractylodes macrocephala, which is a composite plant, and has the effect of nourishing spleen and stomach on the human digestive system.

The 3rd flavour is windproof, call windproof, have the effect that prevents wind evil for certain, in human body acupuncture point has call wind pool, no matter acupuncture point or medicaments, there is wind in the name, have the effect that fights allergy.

Apiaceae, a plant that contains essential oils, is responsible for many of the allergic symptoms that occur throughout the body, including skin allergies or headaches caused by a cold. Astragalus, atractylodes, fangfeng, composed of jade screen powder. Additional, jade screen is scattered but tie-in intestines and stomach medicine or other prescription, will achieve the effect that prevents a cold together.

Usually if the nose is thick yellow, phlegm is yellow thick, we can be the pear pedicle cut, the heart dug out, filled about ten to twenty fritillary bulb, cover back to the pedicle head, put into the electric pot steamed, then pear meat even fritillary bulb together to eat.

Pear is run lung originally, and fritillaria can dissolve phlegm, pear itself belongs to cool sex, so eat fritillaria stewed pear, can phlegm change, thick thick snot also improved, so much good ah.

And even if it doesn't work, it doesn't hurt, and it melts the sticky stuff out of the lungs. Can also cooperate with sichuan seven powder, it has a strong heart, with lotus root, special clearance of vascular obstruction or precipitation.

Kidney: the first thing is in the ear

The opening of the kidney is in the ear. Strengthening is a matter of immune function. There are many pathological changes in modern society, and the immune system is to blame when there is no etiology.

Whether asthma, skin diseases such as lupus erythematosus are attributed to it, that what method? What medicine can I take? The medicine that fills qi, filling blood normally, have the effect that strengthens immune function.

For lupus, I provide lotus root and herba Agricola. There are two versions of herba agrimoniae, one belonging to the rosaceae family and the other to the acacia family, since all plants in the rosaceae family converge.

Human spleen and stomach belong to earth, liver and gallbladder belong to wood, heart and small intestine belong to fire, respiratory system belongs to gold, so lung cannot be polluted, gold impure value is affected.

And kidney, bladder system is belong to water, human body all water is in the jurisdiction of the kidney, if saliva or snot or urine too much, Chinese medicine in the treatment must be in this direction.

So kidney is to make strong official, can enhance immune function. Therefore, tonifying the kidney can improve these conditions that modern medicine has no way to treat.

I always emphasize that the theory of traditional medicine is not profound, and almost everyone can build their ideas through the simple data content.

If you know a little prescription, or some natural medicine, you can deal with the body's respiratory and digestive system problems. If we can master these two systems and deal with them at a very minor level, it will certainly not develop into a major problem.

Unfortunately, when it comes to serious diseases, traditional medicine can also help. You will find that there is a better alternative to open surgery and chemotherapy: traditional Chinese medicine.