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Ask you what dream yangzhou


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Ask you what dream yangzhou

-- medical principles contained in dreams in poetry

Time: 2019-01-27 source: China Daily of traditional Chinese medicine, page 8 author: huang xinsheng

Later in the cloud. Is liu tang, misty rain early rest. The swallows have not returned. Outside small column, east wind is soft, through embroider skirt, nectar is sweet thick. Jiangnan far, where people, partridge cry broken spring sorrow.

Long remember to accompany yan you. Reward wonderful dance clear song, li jin wrapped head. Ti wine for flower, ten years who YanLiu. Drunk whip stroke face return night, hope cui building, curtain roll gold hook. Jia will block, leaving is chaotic, frequency dream yangzhou.

This song "dream of yangzhou" is the work of qin guan, who was born in song dynasty. Why did qin guan miss the geisha in yangzhou? How many secrets are hidden in the mysterious dream?

The soul flies into the dream

Tang dynasty poet bai juyi in "song of everlasting sorrow" described the thoughts of the emperor of the tang dynasty to Yang guifei, said: "yuanyang tile cold frost heavy, jade quilt cold who together. Long life and death don't for years, soul never to dream. Although this is the words of the literati, but from the perspective of Chinese medicine suggests the dream mechanism: the dream is the spirit of the product of flying.

Dreaming is a normal and essential physiological and psychological phenomenon in the human body. When a person falls asleep, a small number of brain cells are still active, which is the basis of dreams. If adults are woken up during rem sleep, most say they are dreaming. If woken during non-rem sleep, most people say they are not dreaming.

Chinese medicine has also been studying the formation of dreams. The mechanism of dream formation in the huangdi neijing is the earliest extant Chinese medical treatise. "Lingshu · the evil spirit sends a dream" said: "from the outside, the evil spirit attacks the inside, but there is no fixed house, anti-prostitution in the dirty, can not have a place, and the camp and wei all line, and with the spirit flying, so that people can not lie in peace and happy dream. Think the dream is because evil spirit from the outside into the inside, invasion and internal organs, and ying wei parallel, cause spirit flying, so into the dream. Among them "good and evil from outside attack inside, and have no definite give up", it is to show the person is in morpous, outside stimulation invades human body, enter the latent intention of the person, and cannot be controlled by human body independently. "Anti-impurity in the internal organs, can not be fixed, and the health line" refers to the external stimulus from the surface into the internal organs, involved in the relevant zang-fu, and then interfere with the internal organs of the functional activities of the "can not be fixed", and eventually will be mixed with the body of the normal health of the gas in the body and run everywhere. The whoredomeness and the camp defends the coherence all line, then "with the spirit flies upwards, causes the human to lie not to be able to rest but likes the dream".

Ghosts are not ghosts, but important spiritual activities of the human body, is an important part of the "five gods" of Chinese medicine. Soul hidden in the liver, is the heart god activities to make consciousness, thinking activities, sleep can also be shown as a dream and dream phenomenon; The spirit hides in the lung, is inborn, the instinct feeling perception and the movement ability. Soul, soul both are controlled by the mind, zhang xichun said: "soul, the heart of the left auxiliary right bi", so heart can also make the soul flying and dream, shen jinao "miscellaneous disease source flow xi candle" said: "dream for the soul flying, and for the center of sleep". Other such as zang-fu Yin and Yang qi and blood disorders, spiritual factors can also make the soul flying into a dream.

In "song of everlasting sorrow", Yang guifei in ma wei slope incense after a woman's death, tang Ming huang thought of its day and night sleep, but can not float in the sky soul dream, in a dream to see their beloved people, so they came to the linqiong Taoist priest "can be sincere soul" to a solution of acacia. Since soul and other spiritual activities are closely related to dreams, soul and dream are often mentioned together in poetry. Such as du fu "dream li bai" poem said: "old people into my dream, I look like memory. Perhaps the soul of life, the way is far away. Soul to maple leaf green, soul back off Serbia and Montenegro. Du mu "autumn dream" poetry said: "cold air moving high blow, the full moon anvil. Residual dream night soul, beauty side think deep. In the Ming dynasty, lu ru wrote a poem named "learning to fumei liu by day rope", which said, "the morning is full of sorrow and the night is full of dreams."

Great doctors interpret dreams and distinguish diseases

"Dream what can climb, decadent mount tai small. (song shi yong h "seazan jacaranda and Han Jian stream weeks") used in the poem is Confucius dream drink allusions, according to "rites · wingceltis bow" : "to (Confucius) ChouXi night, dream to sit drink between two jacaranda." According to this dream, Confucius judged: "I am almost dying." not long after that, Confucius "covered the bed for seven days and did not die." According to huan tan's new theory, Yang xiong, a master of ci fu in the han dynasty, had a dream at night because he was overworked after he wrote gan quan fu. The day after the strange dream, Yang xiong died. Emperor qianlong of the qing dynasty intoned this matter in the poem "ode to the sweet spring of yangxiong" and said: "the sweet spring presents the feng feng Chen, and more plays the qin dynasty and the new beauty. Set out the results of intestinal death tomorrow, in tian lu and who?" In history, there are numerous examples of diseases predicted in dreams. For example, the king of jin dreamed that the diseases on his body had turned into two boys, and they hid between huang and huang.

Dreams are related to the attack of external evils, the internal factors of mental emotions, and the imbalance of Yin and Yang qi and blood in the zang-fu organs, so diseases and syndromes in the body can often be reflected through dreams. "Lingshu · evil dreams" said: "when the liver is full of qi, the dream is full of anger. Lung qi sheng, then dream fear, cry, flying; A strong heart, good dream and fear; Temper sheng, then dream song music, heavy body do not lift; Kidney qi sheng, the dream waist ridge two solution is not. All these twelve sheng, to the xie zhi, li already. Su wen · fang on the rise and fall said: "with lung qi deficiency, people dream of white things. Kidney qi deficiency, it makes people dream of boat drowning, when the dream of the water, if there is fear; Liver qi deficiency, then dream of fungus incense grass, when the dream is not up under the tree; Heart qi deficiency, then dream fire Yang, when the dream burnt; When the temper is weak, the dream diet is insufficient. Zhang elemental, a medical scientist in the jin dynasty, further summarized the dream and the syndrome differentiation of the five visceras in "medical origin".

Modern medicine has also observed that dreams are closely related to diseases. For example, patients with heart disease often dream of falling from high places. Patients with respiratory diseases often dream of suffocation, dyspnea, etc. When people sleep in a relatively stable environment, the potential pains of the body are more easily perceived. The perceived pains then enter the dream in the form of metaphor and participate in the composition of the dream. Confucius' dream may be that Confucius sensed in his sleep that his zang-fu organs had been exhausted and that he would soon die. Therefore, it was presented in his dream in the form of memorial ceremony most familiar to Confucius. Yang xiongmeng's bowel may be the result of long-term mental work, excessive thinking, physical and mental fatigue, and injury to the relevant organs. In the romance of The Three Kingdoms, before the battle of xiangfan was launched, "(guan yu) suddenly saw a pig, as big as an ox, all black, running into the tent and biting the long feet of clouds. The cloud grows great anger, pull out sword to cut quickly, sound is like splitting silk. A sudden awakening is but a dream. I feel a dull pain in my left foot. Guan yu's dream is also recorded in the records of shu. Combined with his height, strong body and good at drinking, it can be speculated that guan yu may have suffered from gout in his later years.

It is necessary for an experienced doctor to make a comprehensive diagnosis based on clinical differentiation of syndromes. If according to oneself accidental dream, take a seat accordingly, speculate oneself suffered from some kind of disease, it is very likely that the shadow of a snake in one's cup, oneself increase mental burden, bring about mental illness even.

Good dreams cure disease

In the song dynasty, wen tianxiang was seriously ill. One night, he dreamed that he was absolved by the emperor of heaven. The next day, the disease was cured. Life without harm, not dead man. The gate of virtue is long, and the gentleman thinks of the new. Self-pity mole ant generation, the intention moves the universe min." Was it really the emperor of heaven who cured wen tianxiang of his illness? Obviously not. We can see a little of this in another of his poems, "feeling" : "the heart is outside the six voids, not knowing the snare of the body. Long days in sickness, much better in dreams. The environment that wen tianxiang is in, have inside strong enemy to press an environment, have inside treacherous minister lane authority, alleged serious disease, the likelihood is affection place injury is in the majority, only in the dream, he just can forget trouble, enjoy good time. It is in a dream to forget the trouble, take out the cause of the illness caused by the emotions, just make wen tianxiang huo ran more.

According to psychoanalyst Freud, dreams are the fulfillment of one's subconscious desires. Traditional Chinese medicine believes: "day to think, night to dream". Qin guan missed the geisha in yangzhou, so he often dreamed of yangzhou at night. In ancient times, women missed their husbands who were far away in the frontier, so they "felt sorry for the bones along the wuding river, just like people in their boudoiers' dreams in spring" (Chen tao in tang dynasty, longxi travel). Du fu missed li bai day and night, so "three nights frequenting the king's dream and seeing him personally" (tang dynasty du fu's "li bai's dream"). Jishi old miss home, so "bright moon night dream, bishan autumn home" (tang dynasty jishi old "spring dream autumn home"); Li qingzhao wanted to get rid of his depressed life, so "xiao meng followed the tune of a dial-up clock and stood like a cloud" (li qingzhao's "xiao meng" in song dynasty). Li houzhu could not bear the humiliating life after the surrender, so "I do not know the body is a guest in the dream, a long time greedy huan" (five generations of li yu "wave tosa"); Li bai intended to cultivate immortals, so "I would like to fly across the mirror lake moon overnight because of the dream of wu yue" (tang dynasty li bai "sleepwalking tianmu"); Xin qiji yearns to build a career, so "drunk in the lantern sword, dream back blowing the horn even camp." (song dynasty xin qiji "broken time"); As part of his new attempt to reclaim the country, lu you called "to renew the old place of the han and tang dynasties as part of a new era".

The good dream overcomes the grief with the pleasure, cures the sadness with the hope, dissolves the hate with the friendship, overcomes the panic with the courage, alleviates the anxiety with the success, controls the seven emotions the measurement, soothes in the heart the wound, reduces the sentiment excessive to the viscera injury. In a good dream, we must have the mountain and the water, so that the ideal and long-cherished wish in our hearts can be realized. In real life, the negative emotions accumulated due to failures and frustrations will be swept away, and the diseases caused by emotional fluctuations will be alleviated or cured accordingly.

Epiphany in dreams is hard to learn

Dreams are not simply a passive process. They may involve active learning and thinking. People who work hard often get inspiration in their dreams and gain great achievements in their studies. Confucius sensitive and eager to learn, a dream to see the duke of zhou; Zhuang shengxiao dreams of butterflies, philosophical speculation infinite meaning; Li bai is fond of learning to grind a needle with a pestle. In "medical origin" and "jin shi · zhang elemental biography", the author recorded a dream Epiphany allusion of zhang elemental, a master of the yi shui school: "(zhang elemental) has been immersed in medicine for more than 20 years. His dreamer, ke ax long chisel, (chisel heart) began to understand, and he wrote several volumes in it. When he saw the title of the book, "preparation for the treatment of internal classics", he was shocked and felt heartache. Since the mind is penetrating, it is preaching xuan qi, qin yue command. It is because of zhang's dedication to medicine, widely known, as long as more than 20 years of accumulation, have a night dream Epiphany, from the eyes of insight, medicine has a qualitative leap, become a generation of masters. The shortest way to learn medicine is to study hard for a long time.

"An dim rural soul, chasing travel thinking. Unless it's a good night's sleep." (song dynasty fan zhongyan "su mu cover") in reality, there is inevitably frustrated rough things; In the dream, unavoidably has the fantastic scene. Know a little about the dream of medical knowledge, read a little about the dream of poetry, there will be a "good dream to sleep". (born hairdresser wuzhi county of henan province health and family planning commission)