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To xizhimen south street, xicheng district building to the British garden route

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Take the airport shuttle from the airport, the dongzhimen station transfer to metro line 2 to xizhimen direction and get off at xizhimen station, from C outbound, go straight to the east 100 meters on the right side to xizhimen south street, north to walk to the t-junction namely to the British garden 1 floor downstairs.

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From the capital airport take airport bus to xidan, get off at no.22, take a taxi to xizhimen south street English garden 1 floor.

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International acupuncture cooperation committeeSome experts introduced


复制链接 打印 大 中 小





International acupuncture cooperation committee
Some experts introduced










  @ Zhou Lixiao: international acupuncture committee chief expert
Researcher, chief physician. Successively engaged in medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and domestic examination work of traditional Chinese medicine more than 40 years. A former organs of state administration of traditional Chinese medicine service center director of the office; The world federation of Chinese medicine, the world federation of acupuncture of the director of the exam; The state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, director of center of attestation of qualification of TCM doctor.
The Chinese folk medicine research and development of traditional Chinese medicine association and vice director and folk therapy research, director of the professional committee members. Employed by the national women's federation "China women's health" series activities of the expert committee, chief expert of department of gynaecology AnDingMen Beijing Chinese medicine hospital. Due to natural drugs, natural therapies, emphasizes the cure this disease, keep health, center of gravity flow diet, the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine therapy made important contribution to the research and development.
1. The tumor
2. The cardio-cerebrovascular disease
3. Kidney disease and miscellaneous disease of department of gynaecology of department of gynaecology ovarian cysts, and thyroid cancer is especially significant curative effect.











刘合群通过研习中国中医古籍《黄帝内经》、《伤寒论》、《千金方》等名著,提取精华作为理论基础,将多年临床治疗各种疑难杂症积累的实践作为新理论的根基,创立了诊病和治病新理论和新方法 ——“合群圆通理论”和“合群圆通针术”,在心脏病、高血压、过敏性哮喘等诸多疑难病症治疗上取得了实质上的突破。








  @ liu fit in: international acupuncture committee, vice President, chief expert
Liu gregarious by studying the ancient books huangdi neijing, treatise on febrile disease of traditional Chinese medicine, the daughter party, such as classics, extracts as theoretical basis, to the practice of many years' accumulation of clinical treatment of various incurable diseases as the foundations of the new theory, established adjust and treat the new theory and new method - "social yuantong theory" and "fit in with the yuantong needle, in heart disease, high blood pressure, a lot of difficult diseases such as allergic asthma treatment has achieved substantial breakthrough.
In 2008 congress on traditional medicine on the world health organization (who), he will own the core concept of "social yuantong theory" refined and published, summed up in three new medical theory, namely "the social network theory", "human deformation medical theory" and "new cycle theory" in the human body, on the basis of the theory of the three, through social yuantong needle, will cure the fundamental method finally on the cycle theory in the human body.
1. Used in the treatment of high blood pressure
2. Applied in the treatment of allergic asthma
3. Applied in depression treatment
4. Used in cancer treatment (lung cancer, testicular cancer, kidney cancer cases)
5. Other viral disease, influenza, hepatitis, AIDS), bacterial disease (TB) and diabetes





何有中: 国际针炙委员会副会长、首席专家










  @ wherein: international acupuncture, chief expert committee
How have the Chinese huashan purple coagulation twelve generation owners, and promote the door have been sickly, XingYu adoptive father on shi hui mage, help the sick, the body gradually. Granted to zen work be a force for strong body, via the adoptive father become attached to twelve years old, worship XianShi practitioner huashan "yi jin jing", promote the door "bee acupuncture group" and "meridian lingers stitch". Stitch with "group of bees and ridge" and "meridian lingers" give priority to with special needle.
The prescriptions are given priority to with way fo home remedy. Massage is given priority to with Taoist find jin dial bone, preserve one's health in the Canon of the yellow emperor "and buddhist practice. All previous dynasties are medical wu was double off and life are close to or more than hundred years old! Regimens for the good.
1. Ankylosing spondylitis
2. Herpes zoster
3. The stroke hemiplegia
4. Femoral head necrosis
5. All kinds of disease of department of gynaecology and infertility








Bao-wen wang: international acupuncture cooperation committee chief expert

Introduction to the girder needle eleven generation successor

Shi mingde Jackson (super bao-wen wang), born in 1946 in liaoning Bei Town, five years into his legacy, the tenth generation successor from YaoWangMiao girders needle release ShaLing zen master, master the daily morning teach girder theory, acupuncture needle, afternoon learn girder needle, needle production and grinds only taught master inheritance within the bian que, foreign economic, the difficult of 14 through play and other medical, bao-wen wang studied hard all year after 20 years, at the master chuan. Honor to met in 1978 in liaoning province academy of traditional Chinese medicine, professor peng cheng SAN to learn and master the eye from master beard needle method. After the 80 s in jiangsu medical equipment enterprise custom steel material girder needle, changed the past due to bamboo girder needle damaged condition of time-consuming, the bamboo before the length of the needle also by a foot 2 inches long by two feet two inches, thin and tough new needle needle body, relieve the pain, when the needles are inserted in the later has played a very important role in clinical treatment. Because of the disease in the hospital restricted by regional diseases, in order to study the disease of other never contact, after got off all the year round in the three provinces in northeast China, hebei, shanxi, Inner Mongolia, gansu, qinghai and other places compulsory treat tens of thousands of cases, the treatment for some difficult and received an unexpected effect. After thirty years of research in the treatment of various conditions, from which summarizes girder needle, needle, needle combined with each other, cooperate with the new Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion therapy, and don't need any medical assistance, treatment of disease with immediate effect, even some within two to three treatment achieved remarkable curative effect of clinical cure. Such as incontinence can be regained consciousness caused by paraplegia, hyperplasia of knee joint caused by can't squat squat, infertility can restore fertility function smoothly carrying, etc.

Girder needle, needle, needle, the combination of comprehensive application in the following question effective:

1, ankylosing spondylitis;

2, femoral head necrosis;

3, myasthenia gravis;

4, rheumatoid arthritis;

5, hyperplasia of knee joint,

6, after the operation, high paraplegia, low paraplegia;

7, thromboangiitis obliterans,

8, Parkinson's disease;

9, infertility

10, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, rhinitis cancer, rectal cancer





常醴澄: 国际针灸合作委员会首席专家









  @ often feels ashamed and dearing: international acupuncture cooperation committee chief expert
Often feels ashamed and dearing, deputy director of the physician, assistant researcher, general Feng Lida kinder words. Special propulsion engineering committee of the national human resources talent innovation; Won the award for the first national folk name of traditional Chinese medicine.
More than 40 years of concentrated study and clinical experience summary, the knotty, common disease, frequently-occurring disease diagnosis, cure, prevent have established a unique scientific new ideas, new knowledge, promote a big step to traditional Chinese medicine science, invented the "China medical science and technology".
The traditional Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang to science and modern theory of "Yin and Yang to see true, to the human body meridian theory to" human information engineering network learning ", the diagnostics of traditional Chinese medicine to "sensory diagnosis conclusion", the attributes of science of traditional Chinese medicine is the practice of medical biological theory. Breakthrough in clinical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine theory of "fever" therapy, the treatise on febrile disease was a big step.
Features: change cure principle pathological for physiological "reduction therapy"
Good at: Chinese medicine treatment of high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, male disease, women's disease, over, respiratory system disease, bone hyperplasia
Breakthrough: infertility, facial acne all have different degrees of breakthrough and curative effect.





马立昌: 国际针灸委员会首席专家





  @ Ma Lichang: international acupuncture committee guest experts
Ma Lichang, university culture, associate chief physician, associate professor, executive director of the psychological association of hebei province and health psychology professional committee, deputy director of the association for science and technology in hebei province branch of embedded wire medicine, shijiazhuang embedded wire medical training school principals, director of the institute of social psychology, hebei province, hebei province, psychological counseling, psychological treatment, psychological survey of the professional committee, the standing committee, the acupuncture and moxibustion institute of psychiatry in hebei province branch of shijiazhuang city yuhua district, executive director of the association of health workers.
Editing and publication of minimally invasive embedded wire therapy teaching CD, participated in the "psychological, health, education," the mental health and the quality education of the embedded wire needle therapy study "and other books, write the national 23 papers, 38 papers at the provincial level, 5 provincial excellent paper award, in 1997 in hebei province association for science and technology" best learn worker "title, in 2006 the old association for science and technology in hebei province embedded wire medical branch review, was awarded the title of" embedded wire medical experts ".
He actively working on the labor of business, innovation, adopt the method of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and various psychosomatic disease, rheumatic heart disease, chronic rhinitis, lumbar disease, such as more than 30 kinds of scientific research of knotty, made the patient to spend less, quick effect, good curative effect of the excellent result, reduce the patients pain and medical consumption, praised by patients at home and abroad.





于军: 国际针灸合作委员会副会长、特技专家


于军,中医预防保健调理师,出身于中医世家,从小耳濡目染和先辈的训导,使之深深的爱上了中医,在继承、吸收中医各流派理论精华的基础上,经过三十多年中医疗法的实践,集针灸、刮痧、拔罐、放血、推拿、导引、足疗等医术于一身,使之发扬光大并发挥到更高技艺,创立了诊病和治治病新方法 “于氏综合疗法”。

2007513日在首届中华民间中医药临床技术演示大会上,于军被授予中国民间疗法“特技人才”称号。20108月,《民间中医综合疗法——对颈椎病,腰椎病等疗效显著》在第五届中医药发展论坛被评为优秀论文特等奖。 2012年在首届中国中医药工程大会上技术展示优秀奖。


“于氏综合疗法”已有治愈“嗜食液化气、精神分裂症、脑积水、尿毒症积水、股骨头坏死、强直性脊柱炎、先天性脊柱裂、儿童自闭症(狂躁症)”等疑难病症的案例;对于帕金森、偏瘫康复也有显著疗效;对 三高症状、腰、颈椎不适等有独到疗法及疗效。

  @ yu jun: international cooperation committee, vice President of acupuncture, special effects experts
Yu jun, TCM preventive care nursing division, from the traditional Chinese medicine family, since the childhood are exposed and forefathers discipline, deeply in love with the traditional Chinese medicine, in succession, absorbs the essence of the various schools of traditional Chinese medicine theory, after more than 30 years the practice of Chinese medicine therapy, acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, bloodletting, massage, guided, foot massage medical skill, to carry forward and to the higher skill, founded the new method confirmed and therapy "in's comprehensive therapy".
On May 13, 2007 in the first Chinese folk traditional Chinese medicine clinical demonstration meeting, in the army awarded title of "special talent" Chinese folk therapy. In August 2010, the folk Chinese medicine comprehensive treatment of cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease curative effect is distinct, in the fifth BBS development of Chinese medicine was named special-class award of outstanding papers. In 2012 in the first China traditional Chinese medicine engineering conference show excellence award.
"' s comprehensive therapy", in the existing cure "mind you, liquefied gas, schizophrenia, hydrocephalus, uremia water, femoral head necrosis, ankylosing spondylitis, congenital spina bifida, children with autism (mania)" and other difficult diseases cases; For Parkinson's disease, hemiplegia rehabilitation also has significant curative effect; The three tenors symptoms, lumbar, cervical vertebra malaise has unique therapy and curative effect.










  @ ming-zhong li: international acupuncture committee chief expert
Ming-zhong li doctor gradually emerging in the field of TCM in 2004 years, he is a pass a chicken foot mountain folk doctors at home and abroad, scholars study medicine at age 14, shicheng binchuan north Dan ping, a former kuomintang major military medical and chicken foot mountain monk was handed down close to teach "happy outstanding secret recipe, and the hidden figure facial acupuncture relieving act two secrets.
Focus on Chinese herbal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine to cure all kinds of cancer and incurable diseases and Chinese herbal medicine to solve for heroin toxins such as self-organizing unilaterally secret recipe, and the effect is unique. Doctor li create MingZhong clinic since 1992, has received zhejiang, xinjiang, sichuan, guizhou, henan, shijiazhuang, Hong Kong and other places with liver, lung, uterus, breast, stomach, lymphatic, nose pharynx, esophagus cancer patients more than 80, in addition to the dead forget four exceptions, others still alive. In work out heroin toxic MingZhong clinic has treated 141 addicts, no matter how long history of patients with poison, thoroughly remove, 21 days except 2 patients not according to the medicine the doctor prescribed treatment, there is no withdrawal, other 139 cases all withdrawal addiction, restore normal work and life.
In 2009 to create a kind of Chinese medicine preparations for the treatment of cancer, won the invention patent certificate. Has a better therapeutic effect on various kinds of cancer. In gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, breast cancer, non-hodgkin's lymphoma, lung cancer and other 10 patients were cured with the treatment.





武清河  国际针灸合作委员会副会长、首席专家




@ Wu Qinghe International acupuncture cooperation committee chief expert
Wu Qinghe was born in the early 60 s revolutionary soldier's family, from childhood by the grandfather and the enlightenment, obsessed with the magic of Chinese herbal medicine compatibility and colorful herbaceous plants on the earth, people not only beautiful but also remove sickness loyal partner! Harmony, Yin and Yang, five elements, based on, complement each other, medica 18 against, these ideas and numerous examples of deeply rooted in his young mind. His inheritance revolution old-timer and famous old Chinese medicine such as predecessors of fine tradition, carry forward the broad and profound culture of traditional Chinese medicine and technology, to learn, to grow continuously, trying to make a diagnosis and give treatment for the patients with disease, relieve pain, for the people to serve the people for a lifetime.
Thick Wu Qinghe goodness, kindness, perseverance. Ups and downs, after more than 30 years of practice of traditional Chinese medicine, has a strong knowledge of medicine of traditional Chinese medicine pharmacology, perennial engaged in traditional Chinese medicine research and new drug development work, to master a number of unique curative effect has been made and independent intellectual property rights of the Chinese traditional medicine recipe. And emphasizes, "industry-university-institute" cooperation with various Chinese acad med sci domestic cooperation, research and development of new technology in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), actively participate in relevant national industry science and technology projects, inherited and developed a variety of secret recipe of traditional Chinese medicines for intractable diseases, senior expert is referred to as the Chinese medicine industry. For example the bane of neck shoulder waist joint pain is pain repair liquid; Allergic, seasonal, sinusitis curative effect is distinct "rhinitis repair liquid"; For remove tinnitus deafness agitated crowd "ear topical repair liquid"; Relieve psoriasis and vitiligo skin itching of skin repair liquid; Trouble for false myopia, glaucoma, cataract, fundus macular disease life inconvenience brought the Gospel "eye", etc... Benefited many patients suffering from the disease in TCM and profound.






Special effects experts YanZuQin: international acupuncture cooperation committee

YanZuQin from thirteen to grandpa and father learning acupuncture and moxibustion, in more than 30 years of clinical practice of TCM has become YanShiWei needle stab of light therapy of the fourth generation of inheritance. The treatment after several generations of clinical practice and summary form a reaction between acupuncture needle knife and regulate meridians information technology, the set of preserve one's health as one of the characteristics and treatment. The therapy can activate the body's immune cells and potential function, regulate the body's endocrine, balance of Yin and Yang, activate the body's natural detoxification, improve microcirculation, enhance human immunity of the human body. Sub-health of some common, chronic and incurable diseases have a very good treatment effect, also did not cure disease is one of the best ways to \"cure not ill\".

Specialize in:

1, boils, acne, hemorrhoids, eczema, urticaria, neuralgia after herpes zoster.

2, insomnia, complexion dark complexion, dark circles, unknown headaches;

3, women puerperal fever, cold feet hand body cold;

4, nameless pain;

5, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, low blood sugar;

6, goiter, chronic pharyngitis;

7, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease;

8, senile skin itching;

9, bladder cough.




刘晓晴   国际针灸合作委员会副会长、特技专家






@ xiao-qing liu Special effects experts international acupuncture cooperation committee
Xiao-qing liu, one of the founders of TKT meridian therapy, pressed by the therapeutic inventor, one of Hong Kong international academy of sciences, concluded the huangdi neijing, and other traditional Chinese medicine essence, TKT meridian therapy in clinical practice, together with the choice gallery by published a 1.5 million - word theory monograph TKT meridian therapy, with significant successes in the innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine.
TKT meridian therapy and pressed by the therapeutic apparatus of the invention is milestone in the development of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, its drug deep penetration, high frequency vibration, quantum can instantly to block newspeak, channels and collaterals, activate cell, balance of Yin and Yang and the treatment of various pains, poliomyelitis, instant solutions, immediate treatment of a variety of difficult and complicated, and is a new technology, new equipment TCM doctor's dream!
Professional specialty: the lung, emphysema, high blood pressure, chronic renal function failure, Parkinson's, diabetes, gout, stroke hemiplegia and other chronic diseases and incurable diseases has special curative effect, a significant breakthrough.







刘小康  国际针灸合作委员会副会长、特技专家





  Special effects experts @ freeman lau international acupuncture cooperation committee
Freeman lau, one of the founders of TKT meridian therapy, pressed by the therapeutic one inventor. Summarize the huangdi neijing, and other traditional Chinese medicine essence, TKT meridian therapy in clinical practice, and xiao-qing liu jointly compiled published a 1.5 million - word theory monograph TKT meridian therapy, with significant successes in the innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine.
TKT meridian therapy and pressed by the therapeutic apparatus of the invention is milestone in the development of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, its drug deep penetration, high frequency vibration, quantum can instantly to block newspeak, channels and collaterals, activate cell, balance of Yin and Yang and the treatment of various pains, poliomyelitis, instant solutions, immediate treatment of a variety of difficult and complicated, and is a new technology, new equipment TCM doctor's dream!
Clinical features: for cor pulmonale, emphysema, high blood pressure, chronic renal function failure, Parkinson's, diabetes, gout, stroke hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, the cerebellum atrophy, chronic diseases and incurable diseases such as unique curative effect, a significant breakthrough.






王纪防   国际针灸合作委员会特技专家、医学博士














  @ Wang Jifang special effects experts, m.d., Ph.D., international acupuncture cooperation committee
Influenced by predecessors, Wang Jifang at a young age to the love of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, military academy after graduating from the portion of the Chinese people's liberation army second artillery as a more consciously during military medical study and application of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge. For more systematic study of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge, visited the shandong university of traditional Chinese medicine basic theory of TCM, TCM and pharmacology. And then to guangzhou for the first military medical university hospital in southern regions as a resident and participate in the writing editor Luo Ren chief physician of the kidney syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine. 2001 the Chinese people's liberation army military academy of medical sciences, study for a master's and doctorate, main ginseng research topics include: 973 national basic research program (2003 cb515400) and the national major science and technology plan (2007 bai07b02), master's thesis is the guanidine butylamine antitumor mechanism of pharmacodynamic evaluation and study ", Ph.D. Thesis is the AQP4 knockout to morphine pharmacological action mechanism and the influence of the target system research, during this period, both at home and abroad of academic papers published several articles in both Chinese and English.
In nearly 30 years of medical theory and practice, the system not only accepted the college education of Chinese and western medicine, and traveled around the folk doctors, eclecticism, from white ice, yu jun, liao jing and other traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, qigong and teacher is ridge, on the basis of inherit and absorb the theory essence, concentrating medicine, acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, bleeding, ridge, guidance, and skill in one, to master a set of unique appeal and healing therapy. With quick efficacy is well received by the patients significantly.
Professional competence:
1, insomnia, be agitated, lack of conditioning sub-health.
2, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar control.
3, dysmenorrhea, menopause and huangbai is taken down regulate of department of gynaecology.
4, cardio-cerebrovascular disease, and stroke sequela rehabilitation nursing.
5 back, neck, waist and leg pain, disc herniation, and sports functions.
6, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation and other digestive function.
7, depression and manic regulate nerve disorder.
8, infants and young children common disease rehabilitation.
9 and other incurable diseases.









    2013年沙袋循经拍打疗法被山西省政府批准为“省级非物质文化遗产”,2014年张爱东被列入省级非物质文化遗产项目代表性传承人,现通过省级非物质文化遗产“传习所”及医疗服务机构 “国医馆”,开展沙袋疗法的宣传推广传承和对外医疗服务。


Zhang aidong: international acupuncture cooperation committee special effects experts

Zhang aidong, non-material cultural heritage though stunt qing sixth generation descendant, author of sandbags tired day pat therapy, the inventor of the sandbags dynamic circulation unclog the meridian act.Zhang aidong sandbags tired day pat therapy with the overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine in this paper, the Yin and Yang, five elements, zang-fu organs, refined, gas, god, blood, body fluid and natural change rule of the transitions between.

Zhang aidong sandbags therapy have been follow father 4th generation descendant zhang Lin and sandbags pen to study TCM therapy.More than 30 years like one day, and constantly to overcome difficulties, through spiritual and economic hardships, the work is engaged in the research, another legend, peak scenic spot of traditional Chinese medicine.

Zhang aidong groped through many years practice, clearly aware of huangdi neijing says \"meridians, life and death, place all ills, false or true, do not understand\" \"tong\" is the sandbags therapy in the road.One thousand years, and there are many effective ways to achieve the role of regulating channels, but over time and may relapse, how can you ensure the dredge meridian continuous lasting effect is the key.

The clinical research, 2010, zhang aidong initiative \"dynamic circulation dredging meridians method\", using sandbags along the run route of main and collateral channels, many batches, many passengers flap, circulating flow operation, normal based on viscera into the state, promote the fourteen meridians automatic docking circulation, make the viscera movement groups in the meridian hydraulic pressure wave generated by the superposition, resonance and the formation of a strong fluctuations in conducting, clarification wallow in channels and collaterals, form a good state of self-regulation, make continuous lasting dredge meridian.Solved in disease of traditional Chinese medicine external treatment of physical natural therapy, not continuous permanent dredge meridian of problem.

Flap 2013 sandbags tired therapy by shanxi provincial government approved as \"provincial intangible cultural heritage\", 2014 zhang aidong is included in the provincial intangible cultural heritage items representative heritage, through the provincial intangible cultural heritage \"ChuanXiSuo\" \"national physician house\" and medical services, to carry out the promotion of sandbags therapy inheritance and foreign medical services.

Sandbags therapy without an injection take medicine from surgical damage, be patient as the 21st century the safest, most effective natural therapy.Operation easy to learn, students need to master sandbags technical requirements, only understanding meridian running routes, practice to learn, easy to promote.Hoping for zhang aidong very wants to get the medical skills have been handed down, the door wide to apprentice, let more people benefit.

Today, sandbags tired day pat therapy has cured countless patients.Newspaper of Chinese medicine in China, Hong Kong \"da gong bao,\" friends of the science \", \"shanxi evening news\", \"taiyuan evening news, taiyuan, shanxi radio, television and other media reports were carried out, caused the wide attention of the society.

Clinical practice has proved that this kind of therapy for treating: lung cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage sequelae such as difficult diseases have significant curative effect.Treatment of sub-health state, namely the first pay off, generally 5-10 times BuShiZheng eliminate, for human disease prevention, longevity and health provides a more safe and effective treatment, the physical nature of traditional Chinese medicine therapy of revolution, it is the channels and collaterals theory of traditional Chinese medicine research and clinical application is of great significance.




     刘桂芳,1952年出身中医世家,幼年得父亲言传身教,在传统中医文化的滋养中长大成人,还在少年的她就立下了“救人苦痛,悬壶济世”的人生志向。刘桂芳在继承祖传的中医针灸技法的基础上,历经40年的摸索实践,专攻脏腑调理技法,并且四处奔走拜求了多位针灸名医,学习了各家之所长,总结出一套独具特色的“腹体快针疗法”,该方法用毫针加手法,快进速出,消痈散结,行气导滞,特别是化解癥瘕、积聚症状效果显著,加之她“润物细无声”的心里安慰疏导方式, 受到众多患者的信赖和好评。

Mary: international acupuncture cooperation committee special effects experts

Liu, 1952, Chinese medicine family background, young father precept, in traditional Chinese medicine culture nourished to grow up and also she will be set in the young \"save bitterness, practise medicine offers\" ambition in life. Liu in the ancestral inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture techniques, on the basis of groped after 40 years of practice, specializing in viscera conditioning technique, which traveled to and seek more than the acupuncture doctors, learning from each director, summed up a set of unique \"abdominal body fast needle therapy\", the method with filiform needle technique, fast forward speed, anti fights, air conduction delay, especially to resolve remove lump, accumulated symptom effect is remarkable, and her heart \"moistens everything silently\" comfort channel way, by numerous patients' trust and high praise.

Gu Ruiliu GuiFang, son of \"body abdominal acupuncture\" passing on, graduated from Beijing medical university have been studying with her traditional culture of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture technology, good at using acupuncture, gua sha, cupping therapy technology.

\"Abdominal body fast needle therapy\" features:

Good at function of control on the digestive system

1. Gas drum (abdomen bilges full, no food, acid regurgitation, belching, fatigue and other clinical manifestations)

2. Gas block (abdomen has scleroma, press the pain intensified, belong to qi and CT examination means such as the cause of all can't see the entity neoplasm, but also can affect the function of gastrointestinal tract).

3. Adjusting endocrine function (such as complexion dull, dry skin, freckles, acne, etc all have certain regulation)

Good at the neuromuscular control

1. The cervical vertebra syndrome, sciatica, migraine, insomnia, limb numbness cold pain

2. Arthritis nursing

3. Puerperal fever nursing during nursing (as the wind that lead to limb self-conscious symptom such as cold and pain).

4. The hemiplegia rehabilitation nursing

For the regulation of department of gynaecology

Dysmenorrhea, cyst

Have good adjustment function of prostate enlargement dysuria


    (一) 适用症举例:各种颈、肩、腰、腿痛,男科(一至两疗程可愈)前列腺炎、阳痿、早泄,妇科(一至两疗程可愈)子宫肌瘤、卵巢囊肿、盆腔积液、乳腺增生、乳腺瘤、乳腺炎症疼痛等,肥胖症,肝硬化腹水(快者当天开始排水)、肺癌(半小时内缓解不适症状)、胃癌等早期癌症,静脉曲张、脉管炎、动脉硬节、偏瘫等,各种皮肤病如银屑病、白癜风(治愈率较高达90%以上)、牛皮癣(快者一周可愈)等,各种急慢性鼻炎(未手术者十次内可愈);





    一、 颈、肩腰腿痛,一次见效。
    三、 祛寒,循经二针,即可祛除体内寒气湿气,敏感者可感觉从脚底心冒出凉气或水湿。寒气重者一般五次左右,冬天即不怕冷。

Special effects experts Pan Dahai: international acupuncture cooperation committee

Pan Dahai, born in 1970 in zhejiang xiangshan, although graduated from western medicine education, but very love the motherland's traditional culture, but also with fellow big profound TCM diagnosis and treatment system, since the 90 s visited Ming division, under various forensic study all kinds of needle method. Adhering to the \"road to Jane, nature and humanity\" view of nature. After 20 years of clinical practice, summarize and improve, to collect all the long of it, change numerous for brief, forming the unique \"free and unfettered stitch, with only a small silver needle, which can rapidly improve the health of human body, or to achieve the effect of rapid cure.

The main good at:

    Once a, neck, shoulder, waist, effective.

    Second, the department of gynaecology, ovarian cyst, pelvic cavity accumulates fluid, dysmenorrhea, hyperplasia of mammary glands, a loss, several more.

    Third, remove cold, tired day 2 needle, can dispel cold moisture in the body, sensitive feeling from heart emitted a chill on the sole or wet. Chill the person that weigh five times or so commonly, is not afraid of cold in winter.

    Four, six pulse anchor, regulate prostatitis, scrotal moisture, impotence premature ejaculation, fast and stable effect.

    Five, facial acupuncture cosmetology, regulate a course of five times, you can look good appearance.

    Six, myopia, presbyopia, glaucoma, cataract, an effective, especially within eighteen myopia, the effect is a plus, was a case of a little girl at the age of ten, regulate time, vision is from 1.0 to 1.5.






顾睿  国际针灸合作委员会特技专家













  Special effects experts @ Gu Rui international acupuncture cooperation committee
Gu Rui, born in 1975 in shaanxi Seoul mother liu 1952 TCM family background, "abdominal body acupuncture" inventor, mother father precept, youth in traditional Chinese medicine culture nourishes the grew up, and she will be set in the young "save bitterness, practise medicine offers" ambition in life. Mother Mary inherited the ancestral acupuncture techniques, on the basis of groped after 40 years of practice, specializing in viscera conditioning technique, which traveled to and seek more than the acupuncture doctors, learning from each director, summed up a set of unique "abdominal body fast needle therapy", the method in August 2013 to obtain national copyright administration "the registration certificate of abdominal body fast acupuncture works". With filiform needle technique, this method is fast in speed, anti fights, air conduction delay, especially to resolve remove lump, the accumulation of symptoms (gas) cheerily effect is remarkable. I graduated from Beijing medical university in 1998 has been followed his mother learn traditional culture of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture technology today. Has repeatedly participated in the exchange of the needle technique at home and abroad, in eastern clinics in Moscow, Russia in 2014 art communication for 3 months.
Good at function of control on the digestive system
1. Gas drum (abdomen bilges full, no food, acid regurgitation, belching, fatigue and other clinical manifestations)
2. Gas block (abdomen has scleroma, press the pain intensified, belong to qi and CT examination means such as the cause of all can't see the entity neoplasm, but also can affect the function of gastrointestinal tract).
3. Adjusting endocrine function (such as complexion dull, dry skin, freckles, acne, etc all have certain regulation)
Good at the neuromuscular control
1. The cervical vertebra syndrome, sciatica, migraine, insomnia, limb numbness cold pain
2. Arthritis nursing
3. Puerperal fever nursing during nursing (as the wind that lead to limb self-conscious symptom such as cold and pain).
4. The hemiplegia rehabilitation nursing
For the regulation of department of gynaecology, dysmenorrhea, cysts, have good adjustment function of prostate enlargement dysuria





邹士英  国际针灸合作委员会特技专家














  Special effects experts @ Zou Shiying international acupuncture cooperation committee
Zou Shiying, born in the early eighty s, progenitor by cultivated in anhui province, have been grandparents love, hear, and have been attracted by the extensive and profound culture of traditional Chinese medicine and technology, deeply loves the traditional Chinese medicine culture and technology. She has volunteered to learn traditional Chinese culture and technology, make people suffering from the disease get better rehabilitation therapy. After more than 20 years to study hard, master in Wu Qinghe (method number: tao ji nima) careful guidance, grope for extracting a painless transdermal "fondle bone along rebar technique", is used to cooperate with ancestral secret recipe series liquid "repair", formed to injury, pain, itching and other symptoms of repair has the significant effect of topical therapy method. Ancestral secret recipe series liquid "fix" is to use natural Chinese herbal medicine, a recipe for compatibility purified extract liquid mixture of the topical repair, non-toxic, safe, green, the fluid through the skin penetration, qi, blood, blood circulation, repair the damage of the body cells.
The favorite physical therapy method for the patient, make the most of patients can work on the spot or significantly alleviate, suitable for the following symptoms of physical therapy and rehabilitation
A, pain (cervical vertebra, lumbar, shoulder week, joint and muscle pain, etc.)
Through painless transdermal "fondle bone along rebar technique" and "positive pain repair liquid" physical therapy, rehabilitation effect.
Second, rhinitis (allergic, seasonal, sinusitis, etc.)
Through the recipe for repair, repair inflammation of the nasal potential, this lotion for external use, discharge the fetish of oral medications to hurt five zang-organs, obvious effect, patients can alleviate takes effect on the spot or more.
Three, skin repair liquid (psoriasis and vitiligo skin itching)
This lotion for external use, the repair of skin texture, physical therapy effect.
Four, deafness tinnitus repair liquid (external use in repairing liquid)
Through the repair of the eardrum physical therapy, to achieve the effect of rehabilitation
Five, the eye disease (false myopia, fundus macular disease, glaucoma, cataract, etc.)
Sanders' secret recipe for external use eye patch, use after effect obviously alleviate eye disease, avoid surgery.





赵学林: 国际针炙委员会特约专家


 @ Zhao Xuelin: international acupuncture committee guest experts
Zhao Xue Lin since the age of 14 with local fan white old man surgery of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) study of traditional Chinese medicine, for family prescription cream with grandfather clinical practice, pull pull cream is a new prescription, processing method is Taoism, it to fights the poison is given priority to, pull at the same time, eliminate inflammation, and has the repair action on the soft tissue cells.
For breast tumors, drench skin tumors} {wart lesions has good treatment effect, in recent years of ShiZhiZhong got good confirmed. The in vitro swelling pain of unknown masses have faster treatment process, traumatic cause to repair bone surrounding muscle necrosis. This formula for external use, for mass stick medicine two days} {48 hours after the surface of the medicine and the change of the skin has certain {scar-free} after curing, normal skin patch this medicine} {48 hours the surface of the skin and medicine without any change.
To be continued..





 Special effects experts international acupuncture cooperation committee

    He Ying, born in 1963 in sichuan's beichuan county, the forest protection bachelor's, master of management and systems engineering, ecology, Ph.D., senior engineer. In 2009 passed the senior acupuncture research institute of China academy of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncturist training, senior practitioners qualified.

He Ying amateur self-study of traditional Chinese medicine for more than 10 years, studied the plain question, huangdi nei jing \"pivot\" and the acupuncture dacheng, circular motion of the ancient traditional Chinese medicine, \"mai jing\" (shu-he wang), and other classic works of traditional Chinese medicine and the essence liangchunzhu experience complete works, \"li old Chinese medicine the critical experience of knotty album\" name such as the old Chinese medicine works. Learn the acupuncture, gua sha, navel, bonesetting, abdominal needle, fire needle, earpins, wrist, ankle, scalp needle, needle liuhe, embedded wire technology, etc. In 2015 Beijing university of Chinese medicine study, have deep comprehension to the basic theory of TCM. With the theory of traditional Chinese medicine core (holistic concept and TDS) as the guiding ideology, learning, practice, and summarized. Has repeatedly been do invite the wisdom of China association for science and technology, participate in national \"project\" exchanging and senior experts at home and abroad to the accompanying remove disease in addition to pain, effect is good.

Based on mastering the technique of pulse, and be good at to inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and pulse-taking and palpation four clinics to collect the information about the various disease syndrome (clinical symptoms and signs, examination results) synthesis, induction and analysis, the overall point of view throughout the cure disease, always more clearly disease evil nature, syndrome and disease, further improve the pertinence, the efficacy of acupuncture make curative effect is more significant, especially greatly improving the curative effect of incurable diseases.

In the traditional Chinese medicine on the basis of the thinking and integration of the method, the long-term comprehensive therapy, acupuncture and moxibustion for cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, diabetes, ren, dysmenorrhea, gout, waist dish of emergence, obesity, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and various psychosomatic disease and achieve good effect, especially for such as bursts of deaf, dumb, and some hospitals to check out the reason of the rehabilitation effect of incurable diseases are particularly significant. At the same time, through his many years of exploration and accumulation, the formation of a set of pediatric massage technique, with self characteristics in children with high fever is not retreated, anorexia, stunted growth and disease has accumulated rich experience.










Special effects experts international acupuncture cooperation committee


ZhenJin, 70 was born in xingtang county, hebei province, have been trained, aunt learning ancestral characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine techniques \"pick wool malignant\" and \"Mr. Sha\", began to say neighbors and relatives to pick a youth, solution of disease in addition to pain, the effect is good, the people praise widely. In nearly 30 years of traditional Chinese medicine skill practice at the same time, efforts to delve into the daodejing, etc, Chinese traditional learning stick to the Canon of preserve one's health pile work practice and the research of Chinese medicine external treatment technology, and constantly learn new skills, such as learning Zhou Jiarong teacher \"cases of muscle therapy\", learning ZangFuKe teacher \"amplitude therapy\", learning \"anchor\" the armed therapy, \"in\", learning old chun-cheng Yang \"three-step\" qigong bonesetting method of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with \"ridge no. 1, 2, 3\" formula, make the chiropractor rehabilitation effect is remarkable, and lucky enough to get Yang Lao 50 years of clinical experience \"wide chest drop soup\" gas, \"infertility\" 1 and 2 as secret recipe to teach. Generalization in continuous learning practice, and gradually formed a unique wa surname therapy, of the following symptoms of rehabilitation effect is remarkable, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, ankylosing spondylitis, femoral head necrosis, cancer, foot gangrene, infertility.




Zhang: international acupuncture cooperation committee special effects experts
    Zhang, the '60 s was born in Beijing city, since the childhood like Chinese medicine she narrowly failed to fall into medical school, although has the stability and decent job, but she didn't give up studying Chinese medicine knowledge, of the job, she is not only famous doctor from master teacher, but also visited the folk master of traditional Chinese medicine. With her a human meridian model of 31 years, has become a yellow-and-white antique. Zhang with her indomitable spirit, open-minded gentleman personality, wins the favor of teachers, the classroom don't go to school less than from books. The inheritance and development of the new doctor bonesetting, painless whole bone technique, and combined with the effect of silver dragon cans, cans, formed the unique integration of zhang hand pot bonesetting skill, make lumbar pain patients suffering from neck shoulder rehabilitation in the happy rhythm.
    Zhang in the spinal rehabilitation practice constantly learning, constantly improve the transcend themselves, make complex spine problem simplification and standardization, do a painless, safe, simple, quick, quick.