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Lord ye fought smallpox

Source:Traditional Chinese Folk Medicine Research and Development Association

Lord ye fought smallpox

Date: 2018-08-06

Recently, I read a book named emperor qianlong by eryuehe. When I read that ye tianshi treated the young emperor jiaqing with smallpox, I became suspicious and consulted historical materials for verification.

Ye GUI, styled tianshi, was born in the fifth year of kangxi in the qing dynasty (1666) and died in the tenth year of qianlong in the qing dynasty (1745). He was 80 years old. Jiaqing formerly known as aisin giorro yung jan, born in qianlong twenty-five years (1760 years), collapse in jiaqing twenty-five years (1820), in a total of 25 years. From time to time, in 1745, when ye tianshi died, the emperor jia-qing was not yet born. How could he treat the emperor jia-qing pox? Historical novels have deduction and fiction elements, but ye tianshi, as a famous doctor in qing dynasty, knew how to cure acne and it was indeed a matter, he once saved two children with acne with incredible methods.

The qing dynasty palm-type banknotes, a compilation of the anecdotes of the qing dynasty, recorded the experience of tian shi ye to treat smallpox to foreign sun. When his daughter brought him to seek treatment, he locked his grandson naked behind the empty house and went out to gamble. The daughter loved the child but asked the father for help, so she "cried to death". Ye tianshi to night deep square return, at this time the grandson has been out acne, "acne drum (all over) body, as beads." Why? "Build a house to many mosquito, by its are fond of the skin to hair also", because of the help of indoor mosquito bites and acne.

"Clear millet kind banknotes" contained one rich family child pox did not come out, turned to ye tianshi. Mr Yip's solution was for the rich to set 10 new tables and let the children sleep naked on them. One table was heated by the children's body temperature and another was replaced.

These two stories are also recorded in the romance series written by liang zhangjuju of the same generation.

To err is human. Ye tianshi was a famous doctor who cured many people's diseases and saved many people's lives. People are critically ill and desperately in need. This passage also verifies the authenticity of the above two stories. In the first story, he placed his grandson in the empty layer and "went out to play with the botu". because Go home late at night. The second story is more dramatic. The boy's father was afraid that ye tianshi would not come, so he gave him what he wanted. But ye tianshi still refused to come at the beginning, until the other side said, "you can cure your son, then all crickets have also." Ye tianshi this just "big happy".

"Qing palm-type banknotes" to ye tianshi's evaluation is: "tianshi practiced medicine for a long time, then became rich... However often plays the magic effect, therefore the slander cannot conceal its name. To die tall." The comment in this paragraph is quite objective. Although ye tianshi loved playing games and gambling, but after all, he was highly skilled in medical skills and was always ready to perform miracles. Ye tianshi died at the age of 80, which was indeed a long life 300 years ago.

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